What the statistics are saying:

In a recent study conducted by Lifeway researcher, they indicate that while people still tend to drive a long way for work, this same approach isn’t true with church attendances. It’s true, when we search for churches near me on google, the best-case scenario is a solid, Bible-teaching church just a short drive away, but how to far is too far to drive?

This study goes on to explain that 68 percent of church goers have less than a 15-minute drive each Sunday morning while most of the working congregation will drive close to half an hour to their job each week. So, while finding solid churches near me may be the goal, would a better approach be to ask the Lord if an extra 5 to 10 minutes of a drive could be used to spend time with Him?

In fact, when discussing the idea of church, the early church would most commonly meet in a home or similar setting as they spent time growing in their faith. Certainly, the horsepower of the day was not a 670 horsepower from the latest sports car, or even half of that power in the average minivan… No, during biblical times, most people rode a donkey, a camel, a horse or (oftentimes) walked from one location to the next.

The Bottom Line?

So, while proximity is important. The biggest question is not just simply what are the closest churches near me? Instead, the real question should be: Lord what church are you calling me and my family to? Where is it that you would like me to serve? What is your plan?

Wherever you call home, we pray that God lays out his steps for you (or map for your sports car!) We would love for you to visit us this Sunday morning as we worship our Savior together.

For more information on how far Americans drive to church. Check out: https://research.lifeway.com/2017/09/21/far-americans-drive-church/#:~:text=More%20than%20three%2Dfourths%20(77,drive%20the%20farthest%20for%20church.

See you Sunday!

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